Seasons of trance
Seasons of trance


Welcome to Seasons of Trance Fall Edition 2017.

More information about the event


Ticket price: 200NOK

We will mail you the ticket within 48 hours.

Show this at the entrance from phone or print.


Option 1 (preferred)Vipps

Our ID is 127116. Instructions below if needed.

Select tickets and enter name/E-mail. 


Option 2: Credit or Visa card. Scroll to the bottom


Feel free to contact us: E-mail | Facebook | SMS to +4794509150






Open Vipps. 

A) Click Buy Something

B) Search for "Seasons of Trance" or our ID 127116

C) Click the plus sign to add ticket(s) to the shopping cart. 


Fill in Home Delivery (Name and email), and click Ready to pay.

You will receive an email with your ticket(s) attached within 48 hours. If you have any questions mail or facebook us. 


Option 2


If you do not have Vipps, you can pay using credit card or a Paypal account.

Press the button below to continue with paypal/credit card payment. (NOK 200 pr ticket)

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